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P3 Language points,Module 2 My New Teachers,Objective,To learn to use the words and expressions:,avoid sth. doing sth. unless so that as a result with


1、P3 Language points,Module 2 My New Teachers,Objective,To learn to use the words and expressions:,avoid sth./ doing sth. unless so that as a result with复合结构 respect sb./ sth. for sth.,1. She avoids making you feel stupid!她避免使你感到自己愚蠢。a. I think he is avoiding me.我想他是在躲我。 b. We should try to avoid accidents.我们应该尽量防止发生意外事故。 c. She avoids answering his questions.她避而不答他的问题。,avoid vt. 表示“逃避;回避;避开”,a. I avoided punishment/being punished byrunn。

2、P2 Reading and Vocabulary,Module 1 My First Day at Senior High,Before the class,I want you to be engaged in the material. I want you to be engaged in whatever it is that we are discussing in class.,Not necessarily thinking about getting down every word that I say. Id like you to take active notes rather than passive notes. Write down what can make you feel or learn something.,Better attention, better understanding of the material if you are actively engaged.,Better attention, better understandi。

3、P5 Listening and Writing,Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab,Listening,Listen and complete the description of the scientific experiment.,Aim: _ _ Apparatus: _ _ Method: _ _ Result: _。

4、P4 Grammar,Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab,Objective,To learn the use of Degrees of comparison,1. The earth is forty-nine times larger than the moon. 2. It is less cold today than it was yesterday. 3. The rent of our flat is getting more and more expensive.,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all that weve learnt.,4. The more I see you, the more I miss you. 5. The hotter, the better. 6. The more he studies, the better hebecomes. 7. The red building is twice the height of thegrey buildi。

5、P1 Introduction,Module 1 My First Day at Senior High,Make a self-introduction,possible patterns: My name is Im from I am a I was born in My hobby is Im good at,Objectives,To know about the subjects youll learn at Senior High school To learn to talk about the subjects with some useful expressions,Chinese,physics,chemistry,mathematics,English,geography,biology,history,IT( Information Technology),PE,music,art,高中语文(必修1)是普通高中课程标准规定的普通高中学生须在高中阶段语文必修课程的第一 模块。。

6、P1 Introduction,Module 6 The Internet and Telecommunications,Objectives,1. To learn some words and expressions related to computers 2. To talk about the advantages and disadvantages of surfing the Internet,Do you often use a computer? Do you like it? How much do you know about the first computer in the world?,Hi, Im ENIAC. I am the first computer in the world.,I was born in 1946 in America. Im very big, about one and a half times the size of a classroom. Im very heavy about 30,000 kilos。

7、P4 Grammar,Module 6 The Internet and Telecommunications,Objectives,1. To learn the use of compound words 2. To learn the use of articles,Compound words,Grammar 1,keyboard, hardware, network, newspaper, high-speed, CD-ROM, baby-sitter, warm-up, computer system, search engine, mobile phone, post office, good-looking, kind-hearted, middle-aged,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all that weve learnt.,air conditioner central bank washing machine absent-minded long-suffe。

8、P1 Introduction,Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab,Objectives,To learn some new words related to experiments and science 2. To be able to understand some facts about general science,What is science?,Science is the knowledge about the structure and behaviour of the natural and physical world, based on facts that you can prove, for example by experiments.,The definition of,This picture shows you more about science.,社会学,逻辑学,数学,物理,化学,细胞生物学,功能性生物学,心理学,地球科学,天文学,接龙,幻灯片上单。

9、P4 Grammar,Module 2 My New Teachers,Objective,To learn to use the verbs followed by ing,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all from the books weve learnt.,1. But now, after two weeks, the class really likes working with her. 2. Ive always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly. 3. There are a few students who keep coming to class late.,4. I think this is because he really enjoysteaching Chinese literature. 5. I remember listening to the radio. 6. I enjoy s。

10、P4 Grammar,Module 4 A Social Survey My Neighbourhood,Objective,To review the use of present perfect tense1. Present perfect tense used for recent events2. Present perfect tense used for experiences,1. Its been six years since we last saw each other. 2. This is the first time Ive visited your hometown. 3. Ive visited some beautiful cities, but this is one of the most attractive places Ive been to.,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all from Book 1.,4. Theyve put up a lot of 。

11、P4 Grammar,Module 1 My First Day at Senior High,Objectives,To review the present tenses 2. To learn to use the adjectives ending in -ing and -ed,The present tenses,Grammar 1,1. I am reading about the ancient pyramids in Egypt. 2. She sings with the band Crazy Feet. 3. I am thinking about starting it again. 4. He is a lively and clever boy, and he finds himself in many exciting adventures.,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all from the books weve learnt.,5. I live in Shijiazhuang。

12、P1 Introduction,Module 3 My First Ride on a Train,Objectives,To know some means of transport 2. To learn to match the verbs (get on/ get off) with the means of transport 3. To learn to describe the first time you travelled a long distance,bus,motorbike,plane,ferry 渡轮,train,bike,tram 电车,taxi,helicopter 直升机,Have you ever travelled to somewhere? How did you go there?,transport,travel by train,travel by plane,travel by ferry,travel by bicycle,travel by tram,travel by helicopter,Which of them。

13、P1 Introduction,Module 2 My New Teachers,Objectives,To learn some adjectives to describe people To have a judgement about good teachers, including their personalities and teaching styles,Look at the photos of some famous teachers. Try to use as many adjectives as possible to describe these teachers.,何 炅,handsome,funny,kind,young,wise,俞敏洪,energetic,intelligent,successful,popular,李 阳,crazy,energetic,successful,amusing,courageous,黄磊,handsome,intelligent,funny,lively,popular,knowledgeable,p。

14、P1 Introduction,Module 4 A Social Survey My Neighbourhood,Objectives,To learn the words & expressions about buildings and living places To learn to describe your home and your neighborhood,apartment,apartment block,countryside,five-storey,high-rise building,local,mile,(second) floor,suburb,stone,Can you read these words? Do you know their meanings?,apartment,Which word do the pictures show?,apartment block,countryside,high-rise building,suburb,Look at the words in the box. Which words 。

15、P4 Grammar,Module 3 My First Ride on a Train,Objectives,To learn the use of the -ed form 2. To learn the use of past tense time expressions,The -ed form,Grammar 1,1. Trained camels carried food and other supplies. 2. We saw abandoned farms which were more than a hundred years ago. 3. We ate great meals cooked by experts.,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all that weve learnt.,4. Have you read the books written by the young writer? 5. We needed much more qualified workers. 6. The。

16、外研版六年级上期末复习:外研版六年级上期末复习:词汇词汇 一、选出正确的字母补全单词。一、选出正确的字母补全单词。(10 分分) ( )1. c_untr_ A. o; y B. c; e C. i; e ( )2. d_nc_ng A. e; e B. a; i C. a; e ( )3. _o_ _ect A. b; dd B. i; ee C. c; ll ( )4. m_ 。

17、外研版(一起点)六年级上期末专项训练卷外研版(一起点)六年级上期末专项训练卷(一)(一)词汇词汇 一、给图片选择对应的单词。(4 分) A. fox B. island C. town D. bamboo E. messy F. stamp G. phone H. coin 1. 2. 3. 4. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )。

18、 1 / 5专项训练一:词 汇一、选出每组中不同类的一项。( ) 1. A. doll B. bus C. car D. bike( ) 2. A. hot B. summer C. autumn D. winter( ) 3. A. speak B. write C. sing D. apple( ) 4. A. violin B. guitar C. basketball D. drum( ) 5. A. the Spring Festival B. the Lantern FestivalC. Christmas D. festival( ) 6. A. you B. my C. his D. their( ) 7. A. bread B. cake C. biscuit D. cola( ) 8. A. run B. jump C. swim D. flying( ) 9. A. never B. always C. knife D. sometimes( ) 10. A. more B. library C. 。

19、 1 / 6外研版五年级上册专项练习 词汇一、读一读,选出单词画线部分读音与其他两个不同的一项。( ) 1. A. rice B. like C. listen( ) 2. A. t ake B. class C. make( ) 3. A. d uck B. put C. number( ) 4. A. wind ow B. low C. cow( ) 5. A. coats B. cats C. beds( ) 6. A. b ack B. maths C. sausage( ) 7. A. matter B. bird C. worker( ) 8. A. chair B. lunch C. Christmas( ) 9. A. friends B. caps C. walks( ) 10. A. cake B. name C. many( ) 11. A. mouth B. this C. that( ) 12. A. hand B. head C. hour( ) 13. A. noodle B。

20、1. Have you ever experienced (经历) such an adventure before? 2. Immediate(立即) action must be taken to stop the fire from spreading.3. Give the paper to him immediately(一) you see him.4. Can you do things well without any preparation(准备)?5. I knew there were problems, but I was not prepared(准备) for this.6. I am expecting(等待) a telephone call from my father.7. On hearing the fire alarm, the firefighters were on the scene(现场). 8. You should make an explanation(解释) for you。

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