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P5 Listening and Writing,Module 5 The Great Sports Personality,Listening,Look at the pictures and name the sports.,boxing,football soccer,running,P46


1、P5 Listening and Writing,Module 5 The Great Sports Personality,Listening,Look at the pictures and name the sports.,boxing,football/ soccer,running,P46 1,Listen to Part 1 of the conversation and check what people listening to the programme have to do.,1. Guess the names of famous sports personalities. 2. Say what famous sports personalities did. 3. Vote for the greatest sports personality ever. 4. Ring the programme and speak to journalists.,P46 2,Good evening and welcome to Sports - night. To。

2、Reading and Vocabulary,Module 4 Carnival,costumehideconfusionextendpretendfirearmempire,n. 服装;戏装;化妆服 vt. 掩藏;躲藏 n. 杂乱;混乱 vt. 延长 vi. 假装 n. 火器 n. 帝国,memoryrevivecouncilbookwanderelegantmagic,n. 记忆 vt. 复兴;再兴起;再流行 n. 地方议会;政务委员会 vt. 预订 vi. 漫步;闲逛 adj. 优美的;高雅的 n. 魅力;魔力,脱(衣、帽等)装扮,打扮 完结 由构成 达到 连续地 脱离,脱落,Match up,dress up on end consist of come off take off up to come to an end,Match the words in the box with the。

3、Language points,Module 1 British and American English,本课时主要是针对阅读材料中重点词汇、短语和句型的解释,教师可根据学生的预习情况来选择性讲解。为了引导学生自主学习,自行查找相关资料学习新单词,这里只针对部分词汇进行解释。教师讲解时,建议采用归纳法,如尽可能多的呈现一些相关例句,或让学生从已学课文中找相应例句,引导学生试着从所观察到的语言现象中总结出词汇的意思和用法。,Objective,To learn to use the words and expressions:,be different in hundreds of on the other side of prefer to get around comp。

4、Listening and Writing,Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema,Listening,Look at the poster for Master and Commander and decide what kind of film it is. Use the words in the box.,cartoon comedy historical adventure horror romantic science fiction,P26 1,Now match the types of film in the box with the sentences.,1. This kind of film will make you laugh. 2. Children often enjoy watching this type of film. 3. This will probably frighten you. 4. This type of film usually 。

5、Grammar and Function,Module 2 A Job Worth Doing,Objective,To review the use of the past simple tense, past continuous tense and past perfect tense,The Past Simple Tense 一般过去时,1. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.(P22, B2) 2. He learned to play the harpsichordwhen he was four. (P22, B2) 3. As he grew older, he began to go deaf.(P22, B2) 4. But not everybody wanted to use rockets in battles. (P39, B4),Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all from the passages weve learnt.,5. We 。

6、Introduction,Module 1 British and American English,Words and Expressions,Objectives,1. To know about the main differences between British and American English 2. To figure out the differences between British and American English 3. To learn some useful words and expressions:havein common, linguist, make a difference, accent,Words review,havein common linguist make a difference accent,有相同的特点 n. 语言学家 有影响,使不相同 n. 口音,How many English-speaking countries do you know? Can you list s。

7、P4 Grammar,Module 4 Carnival,Objectives,1. To review the passive voice 2. To learn to write sentences in the passive voice,In Europe, carnival was followed by 40 days without meat. 2. Today, carnival in Venice is celebrated for five days in February. 3. Hotels are fully booked and the narrowstreets are crowded with wonderful costumes. 4. In the late 1970s the tradition wasrevived by students. 5. Their use was limited by laws, the firstof which dates back to the fourteenthcentury.,6. The town。

8、Introduction,Module 2 A Job Worth Doing,Words and Expressions,intellectual satisfying stressful,adj. 脑力的,思维的 adj. 令人满意的 adj. 充满压力的;紧张的,Objectives,To learn some words and phrases about occupation 2. To be able to describe different jobs 3. To get a further understanding about jobs in the future,Whats your father? What does your mother do? What other jobs do you know? Can you list more?,astronaut writer volunteer actor business owner football player fire fighter TV presente。

9、Module 6 Animals in Danger I. 模块教学目标技能目标 Skill Goals Talk about endangered animals Practice expressing concern Review attributive clauses Make a survey of endangered species in ChinaII. 目标语言功 能 句 式Expressing concernIts really upsetting.Im concerned about .Im very worried .I think we should do more .词 汇1.四会词汇antelope, attention, base, bald, branch, butterfly, deer, eagle, focus, illegal, insect, mammal, panda, primary, reptile, sensitive, skin, spot, tough, union, wolf, wo。

10、Introduction,Module 4 Carnival,Words and Expressions,Objectives,1. To review some Chinese festivals 2. To learn more about some important foreign festivals 3. To learn to talk about or make an introduction of the festival you are interested in,Qingming Festival/ Tomb- sweeping Festival,Spring Festival,Chinese Valentines Day,Mid-autumn Day,Dragon Boat Festival,Lantern Festival,Speak out the Chinese festivals as quickly as possible.,Say when they are celebrated.,January 1st from the eve of the。

11、Introduction,Module 6 Animals in Danger,Words and Expressions,endanger reserve habitat extinct struggle wildlife protect,vt. 使处于险境;危及 n. 保护区;保护圈 n. 栖息地 adj. 灭绝的;绝种的 n. 挣扎;斗争 n. 野生生物 vt. 保护,Objectives,1. To know some endangered animals 2. To know the reasons why some animals are becoming extinct and the ways to protect them 3. To learn the new words and expressions,List as many endangered animals as possible.,lion,Tibetan antelope,blue whale,snow leopard,golden。

12、Introduction,Module 5 The Great Sports Personality,Words and Expressions,n. 田径运动 n. 橄榄球 n. 球拍;球棒 n. 高尔夫球棒 n. 网 n. 球场 n. 拳击台 n. 体育场,运动场 n. 跑道 n. 运动服 n. 运动鞋;教练员,athletics rugby bat club net pitch ring stadium track tracksuit trainer,Words review,Objectives,To get more information about some great sports personality To learn to use new words about sports 3. To be able to talk about your favourite sport,Do you like sports? Which sport do you like most? Can y。

13、Module 2 No DrugsI. 模块教学目标技能目标 Skill Goals Talk about smoking and drug use Talk about results Practise expressing strong opinionsLearn to use the infinitive of purpose and adverbial clause of result Learn to prepare a presentation on the dangers of smokingII. 目标语言功能句式Practise expressing strong opinionsI totally agree with you!I couldnt agree more.Im not sure I agree with that.Absolutely! Im not sure about that.Thats right.Thats a good point.You cant be serious!I completely disa。

14、Grammar,Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema,Objectives,1. To review -ing form, -ed form,and to+ infinitive 2. To learn the use of link verbs,-ing form & -ed form,Traveling is interesting but tiring. The pupils will get confused if they are made to learn too much. 3. The argument is very convincing. 4. They were very excited at the news.,Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all that weve learnt.,5. Both he and I are satisfied with 。

15、Module 3 MusicI. 模块教学目标技能目标 Skill Goals Learn how to express likes and dislikes Talk about instrumentsLearn to use the past perfect tense and adverbial clause of time Learn to present a biography of a famous Chinese musician or composerII. 目标语言功能句式Practice talking about likes and dislikesI love . I really like . is great! . is wonderful!I hate . I cant understand . is awful! . is dreadful!In my opinion, I really like . because 。

16、Introduction,Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema,Words and Expressions,biography fantasy have connection with detective solve murder account run away companion raft,n. 传记 n. 幻想,想象与有联系 n. 侦探 vt. 解决 n. 凶手; 谋杀犯 n. 叙述; 描写; 报道逃跑 n. 同伴;伙伴 n. 木排;木筏,Objectives,1. To master the words about the types of literature and the cinema 2. To be able to identify the types of books according to some clues 3. To arouse students interest in adventure stories,Do you l。

17、P4 Grammar,Module 6 Animals in Danger,Objectives,1. To review the use of attributive clauses 2. To learn to use the relative pronouns and adverbs correctly,It is soft, light, and warm the ideal coat for an animal which has to survive at high altitudes. 2. The poachers leave only the babies, whose wool is not worth much. 3. The wool is taken to India, where it is made into the shawls. 4. Sometimes there were gunfights, like the one in which Jiesang Suonandajie was killed.,5. Officials who w。

18、Grammar,Module 1 British and American English,Objectives,1. To review the use of the present simple tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense and the future simple tense 2. To review the use of for or since with present perfect tense,1. I live in Shijiazhuang, a city not far from Beijing. (p2, B1) 2. The teachers write on the computer, and their words appear on the screen behind them. (p2, B1),Are you familiar with these sentences? They are all from the passages weve lea。

19、P4 Grammar,Module 5 The Great Sports Personality,Objectives,1. To review adverbial clauses of time, condition, and concession 2. To learn how to make sentences with adverbial clauses,Adverbial Clauses of Time 时间状语从句,1. Whenever Chinese athletes step out onto the track during the 2008 Olympics, they will be wearing Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo. 2. When it was performed in America, there was an audience of 100.000 people. 3. When he was very young, Mozart had a lot of musical。

20、Module 4 Carnival I. 模块教学目标 技能目标 Skill Goals Talk about carnival and other festivals at home and abroad Express likes, dislikes and preferences Review the passive voice Write an email about a Chinese festivalII. 目标语言功 能 句 式Expressing likes, dislikes and preferences:Do you like fish?No, I dont. I hate it. Yes, I do. I quite like it.I love it. I quite like 。

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