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人教pep版六年级上册英语Unit3 说课稿2

,Unit 3 My weekend plan,第四课时,What kind of books do you like reading?,I like storybook, what about you?,Where do you buy a book?,In a bookstore.,What b

人教pep版六年级上册英语Unit3 说课稿2Tag内容描述:

1、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第四课时,What kind of books do you like reading?,I like storybook, what about you?,Where do you buy a book?,In a bookstore.,What books can you buy in a bookstore?,English book,music book,maths book,science book,Chinese book,word book,post card,dictionary,comic book,c_m_c book,d_ct_ _n_ry,p_st c_ _d,名词单数变复数,一般情况,在词尾加-s,如: apples,monkeys 以s,x,sh,ch,结尾的单词,加-es,如:boxes, watches 以辅音加y结尾的单词,变y为i加-es,如 dictionarydictionaries,Role。

2、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第二课时,Lets sing,What are you going to do ?,If you are free today, what are you going to do ?,Im going to,What are you going to do this evening?,What are you going to do this morning / afternoon/ evening/ tonight/ tomorrow/ next week?,wash clothes,visit my grandparents,see a film,have an art lesson,draw pictures,take a trip,go ice-skating,go to the supermarket,Guess,Guess what they are going to do this evening/afternoon/tonight/tomorrow.,take a trip,go to the superma。

3、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第三课时,take a trip,see a film,visit my grandparents,go to the supermarket,Make a report,If today is Saturday, what is your father or mother going to do?My father is going to the park this morning. He is going to .My mother is going to ,Listen to the tape and answer the questions.,1. What is Amy going to do?_ 2. Is the ice cream for John?_,Im going to do something next week. Do you what to know where I am going ?,Guess,Im gong t。

4、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第五课时,Sing a song!,What are you going to do ?,Revision,word book,comic book,dictionary,postcard,What festivals do you know ? Whats the date of that day?,National Day,Spring Festival,Christmas Day,What food do you usually eat that day?,We usually eat mooncakes.,Do you want to know what I usually do on Mid-Autumn Festival?,My family are going to get together and have a big dinner.,What about you?,Robin and I write a poem for Mid-Autumn Festival. Lets read it.,F is for fam。

5、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第一课时,Lets sing,What are you going to do ?,What day is it today?,What day is it tomorrow?,What are you going to do tomorrow?,一般将来时的意义和用法,概念:表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态及打算、计划或准备做某事。 句中一般有以下时间状语:tomorrow, next day(week, month, year),soon, the day after tomorrow(后天)等。 基本结构:be going to + do; will+ do.,Listen and circle,Can Mike go swimming today? Yes, he can. B. No, he cant.2. Why or why not? He has homework to do. He is。

6、Unit 3 My weekend plan,第六课时,连一连,word book,dictionary,comic book,postcard,Listen to the tape and then tick the right picture.,Listen again and fill in the blanks.,1. John is going to _ _ _ tomorrow afternoon. 2. This evening the boy is going to _ _ _ _. 3. The boy is _ _ _ _. 4. The woman is going to _ _ _.,without 意思是“没有”的意思,是个介词,后面跟名词或动名词。,如: without water 没有水 without going to a pool 没有去游泳池,Make sentences.,How many sentences can you make?,eg: What are。

7、三年级 Unit3 Part ALook at me 新课程标准指出,基础教育阶段英语课程的任务是:激发和培养学生学习英语的兴趣,使学生树立自信心,养成良好的学习习惯和形成有效的学习策略,发展自主学习的能力和合作精神;使学生掌握一定的英语基础知识和听、说、读、写技能,形成一定的综合语言运用能力。一、说教材:本课时主要学习表示身体各部位的名称:body, leg, arm, hand, foot。教学中,利用玩偶、图片和单词卡帮助学生更好的学习身体各部位的词汇:body, leg, arm, hand, foot。学生再辅以适当的动作,听、说、做、练相结合掌握本课时的单词。

8、Unit 3 My weekend plan单元教学目标:能力目标:1 学习用一般将来时询问何时、何处、将要做什么的特殊问句及其回答:What are you going to do tomorrow ? Im going to have an art lesson . Were going to draw some pictures in Renmin Park .Where are you going ? Were going to the cinema . When are you going ?2 能掌握四会单词或词组:visit, film, see a film, trip, take a trip,supermarket, evening, tonight, tomorrow, next week, dictionary, comic book ,word, word book, postcard.3 能听说认读单词或词组:lesson, sp。

9、Unit 3 My weekend plan,目 录,Part A Lets learn Lets try Make a plan Lets talk,Part B Lets learn Read and write Role-play Tips for pronunciation Lets try Lets check Lets talk Lets wrap it up,单元小结 重点词汇 重点句型 小练习,欢乐记单词 轻松学语法,What is Chen Jie going to do?,She is going to see a film.,take a trip,go to the supermarket,see a film,visit my grandparents,-What are you going to do to。

10、六年级上册 Unit 4 Part B Let talk 说课稿今天我说课的题目是Unit 4 I Have A Pen Pel的 B 部分 Let talk 首先我来进行教材分析。教材分析: 1、本节课出自人民教育出版社出版的小学英语六年级上册第四单元第五课时2、本节课联系了四年级和五年级的教学内容,在以后复习阶段具有重要意义。3、本节课是在学习一般疑问句的基础上,进一步学习含有第三人称单数作主语的一般疑问句.。教学目标知识目标: 1、能够听、说、读、写句型 Does she teach English? No, she doesnt. Yes, she does. 2、能够用上面句式询问他人一些日常生活情况。能力。

11、Unit 5 What does he do? Part A 说课稿教材分析:本教材选自人教版 PEP 小学英语六年级上册第五单元 Part A, 教材内容是一个句型:“What dose he do? He is a ”的问答,以及四个表示职业的名词:factory worker, postman, businessman, police officer。让学生运用句型 Is your father a postman? No, he isnt. What does he do? He is a businessman. 与别人进行沟通交流。 教学目标:1.让学生掌握四会单词或词组 factory worker, postman, businessman, police officer。 2.让学生运用句型 Is your father a postman? No, he isnt. Wh。

12、Unit 6 How do you feel?Part A Lets talk 说课稿一、说教材 我说课的教材是义务教育教科书人教版 pep 英语(三年级起点)六年级上册,本册共有 6 个单元。我说课的内容是 Unit 6 How do you feel? 本单元主要以谈论感受展开话题,掌握描述人的感情或情绪的形容词。学会使用 How do you feel? 来关心他人。本课为第一课时对话课,通过 Sarah 和 Sam 在家谈论所看卡通片的场景呈现核心句型。They are afraid of him. The cat is angry with them.让学生感知上述句型的语义及语用情境。学生通过本节课的学习,能够在现实生活中自如运用所学。

13、Unit 2 Ways to go to school 说课稿说教学目标与要求:1.能够听、说、读、写短语:on foot,by;2.能够正确使用上述单词和词组谈论交通方式;能完成本页将出发地、目的地和交通方式进行匹配的活;说教学重点、难点分析:本课时的教学重点和难点是掌握四会短语和 Part A;说教学准备:多媒体课件;说教学步骤和建议:上课之前可让学生唱本课歌曲。说教学目标与要求:1能够听、说、读、写短语:on foot,by taxi,by bus,by train,by plane,by ship, by subway。2. 能够正确使用上述单词和词组谈论交通方式。如句型:How do we get there?能。

14、小学英语六年级上册 unit3 复习课说课稿说教材: 本单元的一个重点句型是:“ What are you going to do? Im going to do”的问答,以及复习几个动词词组:take a trip, read a magazine ,go to the cinema 。在此基础上延伸另外几个句型:(1)where are you going ? -I am going to (2) when are you going ?-I am going at (3)who are you going with?I am going with说重难点:1、 本单元的教学重点是运用所学动词短语对 be going to 进行问答练习2、 本课时的教学难点是在 what are you going to do 的基础上延伸的其他几个疑问句的。

15、Unit 3 My weekend planA Lets talk 说课稿一、说学情在教单词的时候,把以前所学的动词词组复习了,还有这节课的重点句型也操练过,基本没有难的,重点是培养学生的朗读技巧和运用能力。二、说教学目标1 能够在情景中运用 What are/isgoing to do? Im,He/She is going to谈论周末活动计划。2. 在小组合作中了解 be going to 表示将来计划的用法。3. 能够树立需要在活动前做好合理计划的意识。三、说重难点重点:能够在情景中运用 What are/isgoing to do? Im,He/She is going to谈论周末活动计划。难点:了解 be going to 表示将来计划的。

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